Thursday, April 19, 2012

Diamond is the April Birthstone

Custom diamond ring commissioned at Fourtane 
4.21 carat pear diamond E color

For those celebrating a birthday in April, diamond is the traditional birthstone. Diamonds have been revered for their fire and brilliance for centuries. Formed deep within the earth under tremendous pressure, diamonds are the hardest substance found in nature. Sourced primarily in Africa, the Soviet Union and Australia, diamonds are found in every color of the rainbow.  

Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond ring at Fourtane
F color Vvs clarity 6 carats total weight circa 1950

There is no greater symbol of everlasting love and devotion than a diamond. The ultimate gemstone represents beauty, strength and purity making it the ideal sign of an eternal bond and the customary stone for engagement rings.

Elizabeth Taylor wearing her beloved "Krupp Diamond"

Throughout history a number of large and extraordinary diamonds have gained fame and notoriety. Among the world's most important diamonds is the Royal Crown Jewels "Star of Africa", a flawless pear shaped diamond weighing 530.20 carats, mounted in the Sovereign's Scepter. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were the embodiment of Hollywood royalty. One of many extravagant gifts to Elizabeth was the 33.19 carat D-color, Vs1 clarity "Krupp Diamond" Ms. Taylor's jewels fetched $116 million shattering Christie's previous auction records. Though claims of it's infamous curse are fictitious, the lore of the "Hope Diamond" is a fascinating tale through the French Revolution, crimes and the tangled fates of kings and tycoons.

Art Deco brooch circa 1930 at Fourtane
9.50 carats total

"she who from April dates her years,
Diamond shall wear, lest bitter tears
For in vain repentance flow."

Antique 3.75 Rose Cut Diamond ring circa 1860 at Fourtane

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