Monday, October 1, 2012

Trends We Love: Victorian Jewelry

Victorian Diamond Earrings at Fourtane circa 1860

The era of Victorian jewelry spans between 1840-1901 and is named after the beloved British ruler Queen Victoria. It was her influence, much like that of Princess Diana in recent years that spawned a wide range of styles in jewelry and fashion.

Victorian Yellow Gold and Enamel Cuff at Fourtane
Jewelry from this period is divided into three distinct periods: Romantic, Grand and Aesthetic, which reflects the themes and motifs deeply rooted in the past.

Allison Williams wearing Etruscan Revival earrings at the Emmy Awards
Dramatic Antique Earrings at Fourtane

Today these pieces are unique, one-of-a-kind treasures that emote romance, personal sentiment and can easily entwine into modern dress. Victorian jewelry is a welcome and refreshing trend on the red carpet

Kat Dennings wearing Victorian Garnet Jewels at the Emmys
Yellow Gold and Garnet Antique Drop Earrings at Fourtane

Victorian Yellow Gold, Garnet and Rose Cut Diamond Bangle Bracelet at Fourtane

The demand for fine Victorian jewelry has skyrocketed and it is a challenge to source quality examples. The search for and discovery of antique jewelry is part of its enduring appeal and allure.

Yellow Gold, Enamel, Ruby and Rose Cut Diamond Poison Ring circa 1850 at Fourtane

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