Saturday, December 22, 2012

Top Ten Holiday Gifts at Fourtane

If you are looking to treat your special someone (or yourself) to something truly spectacular this year, here are the best choices that are certain to make this an especially memorable holiday:

1. Diamond Hoop Earrings...If she doesn't already own a pair, she definitely wants them. Hoops are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and carat weights. This is a style that you will see her wearing over and over again. Diamond hoops are certain to evoke joy.
Oval Diamond Hoops in white or yellow gold at Fourtane

2.  A Rolex Day-Date with an original "Stella" dial...extremely rare and highly collectable, the lacquered dial in distinctive, vibrant hue is on everyone's list. This watch, with an authentic Rolex dial in an intense turquoise blue is among the finest examples we have seen. In a size siutable for a lady or a gentleman, this watch is certain to be a hit.

Turquoise "Stella" Dial Day Date by Rolex at Fourtane


3. An Antique Cameo...Antique jewelry is becoming more and more popular among the fashion conscious and cameos represent some of the most unique pieces. Always rich with history and charm, cameos are most often found as brooches, however we have several fine examples presented in alternative forms. Our favorite is the mighty Zeus, immortalized in a wide enamel cuff bracelet. 

Antique Gold and Enamel Cameo Cuff at Fourtane

4. A "right hand" sapphire ring...If you have already presented her with diamond to wear on her left hand, consider a sapphire for her right. Next to diamonds, sapphire is the most durable gemstone, impervious to heat and breakage more than most other gemstones. Sapphires range in color from 
Incredible Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond ring at Fourtane

5. "Vintage" Diamond Earrings... As a lovely alternative to classic studs, consider a feminine pair of diamond drop earrings in an organic shape and size she can wear all the time. Measuring an inch or less in over all length, these picks will not sit in her jewelry box, only to be worn on special occasions.

Platinum and Diamond Flower Drop Earring at Fourtane $8,000

6. Vintage Rolex Submariner...In the world of watch enthusiast, no other timepiece is as iconic as the Rolex Submariner. Stumped on what to get him this holiday? If he does not own a Sub, you may be certain he wants one. This vintage champion has all the classic timelessness of the modern version, but with distinctive vintage aesthetic. This watch is guaranteed to put a smile on his face. 

7.  A "Creature" to pin to your lapel. Combination fine jewelry and whimsical conversation piece, a brooch in a playful animal theme is a unique and unexpected gift. 
Extraordinary Diamond Dragonfly Brooch at Fourtane

8. Diamond Eternity Band: Whether she wears it alone, to compliment her engagement ring, or she stacks it together with another band (or two), diamond eternity bands come in many styles and are a sentimental way to commemorate any special occasion. From simple, modest creations to lavish alternatives to a classic solitaire engagement ring, Fourtane would be pleased to assist you in selecting the perfect eternity band for your beloved this holiday.

Eternity Bands at Fourtane

9.  A special "signed" piece of jewelry: Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, David Webb, Tiffany & Company...these pioneer jewelry houses revered for uncompromising excellence and design always use superior materials and offer unique, inspired creations.   

Superb David Webb multi-gemstone set ear pendants with detachable drops at Fourtane

10.  A "Retro" rose gold bracelet circa 1940: For those looking to make a bold statement without the addition of diamonds, a Retro bracelet is the perfect gift.  Sophisticated and assertive in style, without being too fancy, a substantial Retro bracelet is a tremendous compliment to any woman's wardrobe.
1940's Retro Rose Gold Bracelet at Fourtane $14,800

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