Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Aquamarine is the March Birthstone

For those celebrating a birthday in March, Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone.  Aquamarine is a member of the beryl mineral family and varies in color from blue-green to a pale sky blue. Unlike most other gemstones, Aquamarines are flawless. It is an abundant gem mainly sourced in Brazil.

19 carat Aquamarine, Diamond and enamel ring at Fourtane

75 carat Aquamarine, Sapphire and Red Coral custom brooch commissioned at Fourtane

The ancient Romans believed Aquamarine was sacred to Neptune, God of the sea and that they had fallen from the jewel boxes of sirens. Early sailors wore Aquamarine talismans engraved with the likeness of Neptune to protect them against dangers at sea. 

Art Deco style Aquamarine, Diamond and Sapphire drop earrings at Fourtane

The gift of Aquamarine symbolizes safety and security in long standing relationships and is ideal for an Anniversary gift

 50 carat Antique Aquamarine necklace circa 1880 in it's original box at Fourtane

                                            "A March born will always be 
                                             soothed by Aqua gem of the sea
                                       This mermaid's treasured stone you wear
                                       Will bring happiness, love, affection and care"

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