Wednesday, March 7, 2012

JCK Jewelers Choice Award

Fourtane is extremely proud to announce the second consecutive win in the JCK
 Jeweler’s Choice Award for in house master jeweler, Juan Da Silva.  The Jeweler’s Choice Award is a prestigious honor that is awarded by professionals within the industry across the country.  The 2011 winner for best necklace design over $10,000 was for  Juan’s unparalleled 76 carat opal necklace. This year we celebrate his second award: best ring design over $10,000 for an incredible platinum, sapphire and diamond bow ring.  This ring was commissioned by a long time Fourtane client who gave Juan complete creative license to hand render the first place winner for 2012 Best Ring Design. 

Fourtane welcomes clients to discover the endless possibilities in custom jewelry.  

Whimsical bows with curling platinum and diamond ribbons seamlessly embrace the center stones in this elegant ring. It's presence is bold and feminine with sumptuous movement. Hand rendered in platinum by Juan Da Silva at Fourtane Estate Jeweler Carmel by the Sea, California
Sapphire: 6.40 ct. t.w. Oval Diamonds: 2.40 ct. t.w. 108 Diamonds 1.33 ct. t.w.


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