Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Selecting the ideal strap for your watch

Adding a new watch strap to your timepiece can dramatically alter the overall look of your watch. By making this simple change, your watch can be transformed to look more rugged, elegant, modern or just "freshened up". Whatever style satisfies your senses, there is a watch strap out there to suit your taste. 

At Fourtane, our passion is vintage, so we prefer straps with a distinct vintage aesthetic and those that best compliment the iconic designs of 1940s and 1950s dress watches. Distressed leather and suede, thick hand stitching and antiqued hardware truly complete the look of a vintage sport watch, making it the ultimate, exclusive accessory. However, the addition of such a strap to a more classic watch elevates its style, as well. 

A strap made of an exotic skin or in a bold color is also a great way to "wake up" a watch that has been sitting idle and distinguish it from its counterparts. The right strap can truly heighten the style of any watch and keep those around you distracted by your wrist all day!

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