Friday, November 2, 2012

Selecting a Wedding Band for your Vintage Engagement Ring

The excitement of selecting an engagement ring can sometimes overshadow some practical details that should be kept in mind to ensure you end up with a ring that is truly “perfect for you”.

Some modern engagement rings are sold as a set with a matching wedding band, however, for those who choose a vintage piece as their engagement ring, it can sometimes be a challenge to find a band that is the ideal compliment.

Many art deco style rings, such as the example depicted above, are rounded on the outside, creating a curve against which a flat band will not sit snugly.  It is still possible to wear a classic band next to a ring of this style and many brides chose to do so, however, there will be a bit of “air” between the rings and the band will sit at a bit of an angle. 

A skilled master jeweler can hand fabricate a custom band to snugly hug the curves of a vintage ring. This is typically the preferred choice for those brides who want a traditional wedding set, with a band that truly mirrors the style of the engagement ring; however, those brides who are drawn to the unique vintage aesthetic of pieces with some history often appreciate the individual nature of having an engagement ring and a wedding band which are an imperfect, yet symbiotic match. Others choose to entirely forego wearing a wedding band next to their engagement ring at all. For those who exchange bands during their ceremony, but chose not to wear the rings together, the wedding band can either be worn on the right hand or in place of the engagement ring (in such cases as during travel).

The tradition of wearing an engagement ring and wedding band have evolved. Whether you chose to do so or not, keep in mind that there is no right, wrong or imperfect way to show the world you are spoken for. 


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